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Dear Friends,

You are now visiting Ilya Frank’s site, where you can find books and texts in different languages with their literal translations into English and brief linguistic comments.

These texts are structured on the basis of a special method. Its main principle is that a text is divided into excerpts that you can read twice: the first time – with the English translation inserted into it in brackets and afterward – with no translation. The psychological basis for this method (Ilya Frank’s Reading Method) is the fact that you start mastering a foreign language and do not treat it as an object of study, but instead use it as a tool. In other words, from the very beginning a foreign language for you is not the goal but a means, which is the correct approach because that’s what language is in essence – a means. You don’t spend numerous hours of your life learning a new foreign language, but instead start living it from the outset. You are not studying; you’re just reading an interesting book.

It certainly will not dramatically improve your communication skills but will establish a solid basis for their development. No book can help you with that at all – only direct communication (either with a teacher or other people who will speak this new language with you). But it’s so much easier to learn to speak when you can already read fluently and understand everything, that is, when you have already mastered the language passively!

Books adapted according to Ilya Frank’s Reading Method have been published in Russia since 2000. Currently (April 2016) more than 300 such books in more than 55 languages have come out. Between three and five new books are published every month. Naturally, they are intended for the Russian speaking audience, thus all translations and notes are in Russian. The constantly updated list (in Russian) of such books can be found on Ilya Frank’s Russian website www.franklang.ru.

We will be gradually ordering translations of some of these books into English and post them on our site to be downloaded by visitors free of charge. This is not going to happen very quickly, since it takes much time and money (translations into English are paid for by Ilya Frank from the royalties he receives for Russian books).

In order to utilize this reading method, it is essential that the book is interesting to you. But tastes differ. So the only way is to have more books of this kind in various genres. We would, therefore be highly appreciative if you sent us any books or texts (articles, short stories, your own real life stories, poetry, song lyrics, etc.) adapted according to Frank’s Reading Method so we could post them on our site. Here we are, naturally, talking about your unpaid contributions to our project.

These can be any, even the most exotic, languages translated into English.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be translations solely into English. It could be some other language, in which case we will just open a new page of our project.

If you could not only translate the text from some language into English but also record it and send it to us in mp3 format, we would also be happy to post it (it stands to reason that the English translation does not need to be read out loud – just the text). It is, however, important that you be a native speaker of that language and can read without a foreign accent.

Before sending your materials, please read about the method of adaptation according to Ilya Frank’s Reading Method.

Please send your materials to Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Please send to the same address different language references with the following information included: 1) Project name, 2) Brief description (one or two sentences) in English, 3) Internet address.

All references to our site should be made as follows: Ilya Frank’s Reading Method – books and texts in various languages (or, for instance, in the Japanese language – if you’d like to draw attention to this particular aspect) with literal translation into English and brief lexical commentary.